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Sunday, 13 January 2008 (views: 1086)
QStarz BT-Q1200 On all those photo sites like Flickr Open in new window and Google Picasa Open in new window, one can place photos on maps using Geotags in the EXIF headers of the .jpg files. All one needs to do is to fill in those geotags.

There are many geo-tags tracking and recording devices including cameras with a built-in GPS. But I have chosen this QStarz BT-Q1200 Open in new window. This is a GPS device which can record up to 200.000(!) geological positions using its GPS. Furthermore, it's a Bluetooth GPS provider to your Bluetooth navigation gadgets. There is also a small solar panel to recharge the batteries in replenishing the run time.

So the device has wonderful features and works very well. However the software which came along with it was really under par. Although this software has all kinds of functions including geo-tagging your photos, the only thing remotely useful is downloading the recorded positions and exporting the data into a file.

If you convert the positions into the .kml file format, you can trace your trips on Googls Earth. For geo-tagging my photos, I export the data into the .gpx format and use GeoSetter Open in new window. This program can read a .gpx export and geo-tag your photos, as long as the photos you've made have the correct time. This program works like a charm so from now on; all my photos will have geo-tags.

Have I mentioned that GeoSetter is free-ware? I would very much like to thank Mr. Friedemann Schmidt in providing us with such a wonderful program.


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