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Saturday, 24 October 2009 (views: 1402)
Brandenburger Tor We came back from our trip to Berlin a few days ago. The weather was nice but cold for the time of the year. We've been to Berlin a few times before so this was mainly a shopping trip for the ladies and quality time for Nic and me.

It happened that the Neues museum Open in new window, which was closed since the Second World War, reopened in the weekend we were there. But all entry timeslots were taken (free entrance for all celebrating the opening). I'll definitely go in February while attending the Berlinale.

Berlin was also having this Festival of Lights Open in new window. So they were litting up all kinds of buildings and objects with all kinds of light, quite beautiful.

I saw 2 public announcements on the Berlin subway train LCD screens:
Shopping night on Saturday October 24th, most shops will be open 'till 23:00 ... 
General protest rally against the government on October 24th will start at Alexanderplatz ... 

A society of consumers and democracy?

Photos at the usual place Open in new window.  


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