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Sunday, 17 January 2010 (views: 1141)
As you can see, my blog's getting less and less written.

I began 2009 in the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, ending a very much enjoyable vacation. Then short breaks followed. My summer vacation in the US was wonderful. But after my trip to Paris, the amount of my leisure time just went down hill.

The last quarter of 2009 was kind of a manageable chaos. My job at this financial institute got really time consuming and my other clients were demanding too. Yes I know, I shouldn't complain. There is this crisis going on.

Okay now, so a new year has just begun. I will not let a mere financial crisis to diminish the leisure time of me and my family. Let's start with the Berlin Film Festival next month.

In the mean time, my thoughts go to the people in Haiti and did the only thing I can do to help.  


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