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Saturday, 20 February 2010 (views: 1760)
Golden Slumber It was a very good Berlinale this year.

Let’s start with the see and forget films. I used to like these slow road movies but this one was really boring (Kenta to Jun to Kayo chan no kuni  Open in new window (A Crowd of Three) by Omori Tatsushi – Japan). A less boring but otherwise very mediocre (Na-neun gon-kyeong-e cheo-haet-da Open in new window! (I'm in Trouble!) by So Sang-min - S.Korea) and a so-so documentary (Sona, mo hitori no watashi Open in new window (Sona, the Other Myself) by Yang Yonghi - Japan) closed the group.

This is another example of a strong start but much lesser end however, the endearing little girls made up a lot. (Yuki & Nina Open in new window by Nobuhiro Suwa, Hippolyte Girardot - France/Japan). I must apologize to Mr. Sabu for falling asleep in his fine film (Kanikosen Open in new window by Sabu – Japan). A simple script and subtle acting made this film an attractive one (Neo-wa na-eui i-shib-il-seki Open in new window (Our Fantastic 21st Century) by Ryu Hyung-ki - S.Korea).

It's the result of 40 years of Kung Fu film, truly amazing (蘇乞兒 Su qi er Open in new window (True Legend) by Yuen Woo Ping – Hongkong). A high profile film in Korea did live up to its reputation, despite the dissonant Ms. Choi Ji-Woo (Yeobaewoodle Open in new window (The Actresses) by E, J-Yong - S.Korea).

I had a bit of thinking on my top 3 and decided to let the unexpected one win.

We all know that Zhang YiMou can make light comedies and this is another very good example. (三槍拍案驚奇 San qiang pai an jing qi Open in new window (A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop) by Zhang Yimou – China). I expected this to be good and it turned out to be wonderful (歲月神偷 Shui Yuet Sun Tau Open in new window (Echoes Of The Rainbow) by Alex Law – Hongkong). I had no expectation at all for this film and it turned out to be exceptional so much so that it lingered on in my mind in the past week (Goruden Suramba Open in new window (Golden Slumber) by Yoshihiro Nakamura – Japan).

My personal closing film Dust in the Wind was of course wonderful. During the screening, there were some sound problem and the film broke(?) twice. Lessons learned, grab the chance while you can otherwise these "grainy - mono" original copies will evaporate and all you can see are those digitally remastered DTS "enhanced" and god forbid 3D copies.

I’ll write about my visit of the Neues Museum Open in new window later on.

Photos at the usual place Open in new window.  


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