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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 (views: 2909)
Amstelveen While turning the pages of municipal announcements in the local newspaper of my town Amstelveen, this caught my eyes.

. . . This month, the Municipal of Amstelveen will start to honor the regulation of free PC for children from 8 to 18. Families with children from 8 to 18 are eligible for a free computer and an Internet connection grant of 240 euros a year (Yin: for which you can have a 4Mb broadband link in the Netherlands). To apply, the total monthly income of a family must not exceed 125% of the WWB norm (Yin: which is about 2200 USD) . . .

Wow, not to mention that Amstelveen is one of the fewer small towns in the Netherlands with an absolute right wing majority. Although I didn't vote for this council, you have my thumbs up!  
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